Secure Shredding Services For Your Important Papers.


  • Stored in a locked cabinet at all times

  • Weighed and placed only under your supervision

  • Bonded pickup drivers ensure proper handling

  • Certification of destruction kept on file

You’re busy running your business and living your personal life and need to make sure important documents are shredded carefully. Let us take care of it for you. Pak Mail Austin offers document shredding in both our Davenport and Metric locations.

If you are just organizing and cleaning a home office, disposing of personal or business documents, or moving offices and in need of destroying old sensitive material – trust us to keep them safe. No prying eyes, no curious cleaners – and no wondering what happens to it once it’s out of your site.

We offer shredding and destruction by the pound. Simply bring in your papers or schedule a pickup. We weigh everything and store it in a locked cabinet until it’s delivered to the high-quality industrial shredder, only to be handled by certified and bonded personnel. And all certificates of destruction are maintained and stored for your peace of mind.

Reach out to us today to get an estimate of price and schedule a convenient time to check that shredding off your to-do list.

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